“Time is what stops history happening at once; time is the speed at which the past disappears.” — David Mitchell (Cloud Atlas).

It’s never too late
It is never too early
as the sun dance next to me

All the memories come back
as the river returns to the sea
and the smell of life
the smell of thousand years

Oh I could dream
I could fly
and love all the things I forgot
find the missing maps
to the land of oz

Time is a mystery
an eternal question
we are here
we are the wind and earth
that beats to the rhythm of the sea

And tomorrow will come
always waiting for spring

It’s never too late
It is never too early

It is simple.




“An epic simplicity” …Yann Martel.

A yellow rose.

A cup of coffee.

A fallen leaf on earth.

A cloudy morning.
The scent of clean clothes.
The taste of nostalgia.
The colors of melancholy.
An unexpected hug.
A smile that suddenly arrives.
Believe in what you believe.
Be strong.
Wait and not despair.
Not be understood.
Continue to to love.
Learning to live.

Being without fear.
Do not know.
Opening your arms.Being still.
You never forget the words.
You never forget love.

It is simple.
Life is immense.
Life is painful.

It is simple.

Try to live simply.

And then your heart will find solace.