There is hope.


“Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all.”
Emily Dickinson.

There is hope

Believe me

I know about the dark nights

About the bottomless pits

About that solitude that hurt

There is hope

Sometimes we think that we died with no remedy

We feel that we died slowly

But there is life

There remains daylight for the weary

Do not give up

Do not let yourself fall into the dream of death



Do not give up

There is hope

You’re not alone

I know well that sadness deep sea

I know well of sorrows that have no name

I know …

But we must continue

There is hope

Take my hand

Take the hand of God

Tomorrow is a new day

Let the sun speak to you

Feel the daylight on your tired eyes

Feel that your tears are dried by the breeze

There is hope

Do not give up

The sweet melodies from heaven you will soon be into your soul….