Could you be my wings tonight?.


“That’s the thing about pain…it demands to be felt.”  

John Green.

It’s 8.18 pm.

The house is empty, everybody is gone.

Im alone.

I keep looking at the door

like im waiting for someone to show up.

Being alone with myself

in the silence of my own sadness,

is something that sometimes

beat me very hard.

I need to stay strong.

But right now the only thing

crossing my mind is

get out of the house,

and start walking

to that place that i feel

sometimes is waiting for me.

I pray.

I pray.

But i dont know how

to stop the pain,

the tears.

I need to stay strong.

Fear is right here.

Im trying to sing a song in my mind.

But i got lost again,

looking at the door.

Maybe somebody will show up.

Or call.

I remember the Psalm that says:

” “Who will give me wings,

” I ask— “wings like a dove?”

Get me out of here on dove wings;

I want some peace and quiet.

I want a walk in the country,

I want a cabin in the woods.

I’m desperate for a change

from rage and stormy weather.”

I know someday the sun

will be mine.

I dont want to give up.

But dear God,

could you be my wings tonight…?


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