Feeling in another language (10).

“In the end you have only you.”
(Love)Leo Buscaglia .


It’s only me.

And the 28 days of February that are just gone.

It’s only me again.

Facing a new month.

New days.

New hours.

New sunsets and new nights.

I must survive.

I must live. 

I can feel deep inside me the colors of loneliness.

Sometimes they hurts so much.

But still im learning.

Learning to be alone.

Learning to be just me.

Because that’s all i have.

This broken and weak heart.

And im not ashamed anymore.

It is what it is.

And im standing here.

Holding the flag of the few.

The few that accept what they are.

Or where they are. 

I must live.

Surviving the questions and the pointing fingers.

I must fight no matter what.

Even when i want to die slow and in silence.

I must pray.

Crying my heart out.

And i don’t care if i look lost and confused.

Because i am.

Because it’s only me here.


Holding the wind and the night with bare hands.

It’s only me.



Because lately

I swear this world is just a maze to me

My eyes are blinded by the things I see

That are tearing us all apart

So God of the Universe

Do You hear the cries that pour out from all the earth

Can Your hands of Glory reach down and heal the hurt

Of the broken.

Bebo Norman, The Broken.



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