Feeling in another language (9).

The Help Quote.

Sometimes i forget who i am.


 I get lost in the speeding world around me and i end up

hanging up in the corner of any year, of any life, of any day.

 Sometimes i forget that i am a little bit more than my name.

 I hear my name a lot. In a lot different ways.

 But that is not just me. That is only my name.

 And it can sound empty and bitter like the most dark of my memories.

 I know i can smile, and give hugs and love if you let me to.

 And i can cry like crazy. And shake like crazy.

 And my eyes can show you a terrible fear and deep ocean full of nothing.

 But i am not crazy, i think…

 Also i can feel really alone and afraid. And it get worst when the sunset comes.

 Sometimes, people around me have no idea who i am.

 They have a picture, a nice one, and that is all they can handle.

 And i got them. I really do.

 Being me is hard work, bloody work.

 I’m the person who try hundred times and never seems to get it right.

 There is always something wrong.

 And see, when i pray i can only can repeat and repeat:

 God be with me..

God please don’t leave me..

God be with me..

Be with me Lord..

Don leave me..

 And im thinking why we can not just say everyday to each other:

 You is kind..

You is smart..

You is important..



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