Feeling in another language. (7).

“Pain is strange….
Pain arrives, BANG, and there it is, it sits on you.
It’s real. And to anybody watching, you look foolish.
Like you’ve suddenly become an idiot.
There’s no cure for it unless you know somebody
who understands how you feel,
and knows how to help.”

Charles Bukowski.

It hurts to be strong.

It hurts so much that sometimes you get so tired and lost

that you don’t even know what are you fighting for.

Right now im just holding my tears

praying for a lonely island

where i can sit and cry without being seen.

This is life.

This is life?…

I keep counting every sunrise and every sunset.

I keep waiting for the warm embrace of peace.

But everybody is gone.

It just me in the shadows of my dreams.

Oh God…are you there?..

I have become the silence that no one wants to touch.

I have become all the memories and all the pain the no one dares to see.

I don’t know.

I just know that being strong is getting hard.

It hurts to be strong, oh God…it hurts.


Un comentario en “Feeling in another language. (7).

  1. Mi preciosa Betty, escribes lindo no importando el idioma. Es mi deseo que hayas pasado de una manera tranquila y feliz tu cumpleaños en compañía de todos tus seres queridos.
    I love you.


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