Feeling in another language.

“Cristina: Mer, why do you care what I think?
Meredith: Because you’re my person!”…

“Meredith:Pain, you just have to ride it out,
hope it goes away on its own,
hope the wound that caused it heals.
There are no solutions, no easy answers.
You just breathe deep and wait for it to subside.
Most of the time pain can be managed,
but sometimes the pain gets you when you least expect it,
hits way below the belt and doesn’t let up.
Pain, you just have to fight through,
because the truth is you can’t outrun it,
and life always makes more.”

Grey’s Anatomy.

Sometimes is not easy. Not easy at all.
Life happens. And you are in the middle. Trapped. Because you do have to live.
Even if you don’t know anymore what that means anyway.
I know what are you thinking…again with this crap Betty?.
Well, feel free to hit the Facebook page and go and like some cool statuses.
You don’t have to read me. But if you do read me, thanks….im not an sweet writer, so yes, thanks so much.

And now you are thinking…wait a minute!…why is she writing in english?.
This is a blog from a very cuban girl…she writes in spanish…even though she speaks cuban.
I know. But you know what?..Im trying to see if it hurt less.
Trying to see if  feeling in another language makes you feel more sane,  makes your mind forget your  pains and feelings in your native language and somehow you start feeling in a new way, in a new language.

Yeah no. Is not working.
Pain is pain. Loss is loss. Sadness is sadness. English or Spanish.
You keep feeling the same, hurting the same.
You still the same lost and confused person.
And anyway…im pretty sure God likes the language of the heart better.
The silence one. The crying one. God. Dios.
He still the same too. Any language and any time.

And i have been thinking that i would love to be “that person”, like Cristina and Meredith.
Maybe im already that person to somebody, i don’t know. I know i have one.
But sometimes i am just too scared to be that person, or to talk to my person.
Is such a huge responsability. Be that person. Be my person.
Still i need a person. And i want to be that person too.

Anyway. Life goes on. And if i feel alone like the moon, i have to keep going.
If i feel broken and sad like the worst sunset, the world doesn’t stop.
You have to learn how to hide your soul and be likeable sometimes.

Well, i think this is it. If you find some kind of sense through all the mess i wrote….thanks…i hear you.
Believe me…i hear you.



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